The 3 C’s !!

Climate Change and Conflict , From our wednesday morning lecture we got a great insight on Climate Change. After the lecture i began thinking could climate change cause conflict ? , From the internet and reading books , The answer is Yes.

Reports claim that temperature rises in Africa have coincided with significant increases in the likelihood of war. In 2007, UN secretary General Ban ki-moon described the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region as the world’s first climate change conflict. The crisis was sparked at least in part by a decline in rainfall over the past 30 years just as the regions population doubled.

A quote from an Agricultural economist Marshall burke of the University Of California says that “ We Find that Civil Wars were much more likely to happen in Warmer-than-average years,with one degree celsius warmer temperatures in a given year, associated with a 50 percent higher likelihood of conflict in that year , The implication because average temperatures may warm by at least one degree celsius by 2030 , Climate change could increase the incidences in African Civil war by 55 percent by 2030 and this could result in about 390,000 additional battle deaths if future wars are as deadly as recent wars.

I see where burke is coming from , if temperature rises, crop yields decline and rural incomes fall , and the disadvantaged rural population becomes more likely to take up arms.

The reduction in Rainfall has turned millions of hectares of already marginal semi-desert grazing land into desert. The impact of climate change is considered to be directly related to the to the conflict in Sudan.

An example of conflict due to climate change can also be found in the Arctic. A supreme allied commander for Europe has lately come out and said that Global warming and a race for resources could spark a new Cold  War in the arcitc. Disputes in the north have been dealt with peacefully but climate change could alter this in the coming years as the race of temptation for exploitation of more readily accessible natural resources.

Il leave you with a poem, for me this poem shows the views for most people in the world ,We all want the earth to be kept the way it should be kept but whether we do anything about it is another thing.

” I dont want my children to see the earth die, without fish swim and without birds fly. With no air for breathing, no water to drink,When global conditions will amke the land sink.

I dont want emissions to stay in the air, to fill our lungs and to spread everywhere,to cause global warming, submerging the land, to stop all this mess we should lend a hand.

The nature is dying together with us. we wouldnt exist here but for the green grass, we must prevent nature from saying farewell, in case it is dying, were dying aswel.

To show our children the beauty of life,to help polar bears and pandas survive, to claim to the world that this talk should gain weight, Lets firstly take part in the Global Debate.


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