“Crap my Batteries Gone”

From the days of the first mobile phone , there is one niggly thing that can annoy even the most quiet and calm of people including myself. No its not that you have no credit , you could have all the credit in the world but would not be able to use a cent of it if your bloody battery didnt die. With all the new high-tech phones that are out there , Short battery life is still a major problem.

“Renewable Energy” is the buzz word at the moment and in 2009 a Californian Based Company called Solarmer came up with a great little invention. The Solar Cell Phone Battery charger has hit came on the markets. Although I have yet to see anyone I know with this device , im sure it wont be far into the future where everyone will have one.

The charging of your normal cell phone takes electricity and that electricity costs money. It seems that you need to pay your service provider eg Vodafone , Meteor and also the electricity company for using your cell phone!!

As you Can see from this model called the ‘PoP’ from LG the Solar panels are fitted on the back of the phone.

The solar cells gather enough charge in ten minutes of sunlight to provide 2.25 minutes of talk or 180 minutes of standby.This is one of the reasons i believe a solar cell phone is for you. you can charge your sell phone battery outdoors if your sell phone dies.

There are many models of solar charge cell phones on the market including the ‘samsung blue earth’ and the ‘isun’

I made this short blog as just before i wrote this my Battery died and the idea of a solar cell phone came to my mind. Pity a few hundred people beat me to the idea ! ha


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im from cappamore co.limerick , like all sports
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