Climate change affects Food production and agriculture

In this Blog im bringing together Climate change from week 5 and how it effects Food production and agriculture which we talked about in week 6.

I am going to talk about the Sahel Region which is located in northern Africa and runs from the atlantic ocean across Africa to the Red sea.In my opinion Probably the most affected region in the world as regards climate change and how it influences the lives of people living there.

Lowering poverty and achieving food security is a major challenge for governments in the region. 40 percent of people in the sahel are food insecure. This is a result of poor soils which are sandy and infertile with a low water capacity , increase in population which leads to overgrazing and overcropping and uneducated farmers that dont know the best types of farming methods for the type of soil present on the land.

The sahel region is vulnerable to climate change because of its location near the sahara desert. The Droughts of 1970’s and 1980’s left a big impact on the region with low food and livestock production many died due to hunger. Yet climate experts and weather models predict that the sahel region will get even drier in the 21st century. Governments  and agencies are tackling and addressing this great problem.  The environment , Food security and poverty is a matter of great emergency with the prospect of climate change.

The Soil Management and CRSP and institutions in Mali,Senegal and Gambia have achieved important results in conserving water in the Sahel. This method is called ‘Ridge Tillage’ and is a valuable method in managing water and capturing rainfall.The increased capture of rainfall has produced important results      

  1. Reduced drought risks to food crops
  2. Increased Yields of crops
  3. Increased drinking water supplies.

” Climate Change poses clear,catastrophic threats.We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly cant afford the risk of inaction”- Rupert Murdoch


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