Irelands Fighting Chance :)

Week 7 for me was one of great interest. Sheila’s Lecture on monday on tax and sustainability was buzzing around in my head all that evening. Us as a class were contemplating the fact that irelands tax system was one of the major factors in the countries downfall. Of course i agree that our tax system did play a huge part. A good tax system is one where your marginal rate of tax is similar to your average tax rate ( and even i know that and i dont know much about business and tax policies). During the talk i noticed that we were all blaming other people for their roles in this mess , eg Tax offenders , But i for one am sick of hearing day in and day out about whos fault it is. Whats done is done !! , we all need to come together and fight to get out of this disaster we find ourselves. Our problem is that we dont have any leaders on this island.

A man that i have no doubt would have rolled up his sleeves and fought to save this country is Michael Collins. In my Personal opinion the greatest leader the country has ever had. You dont need me to introduce this man. His fight for his beloved country was immense.Collins is considered to have created Modern Ireland. His political tragedy in the age of imperialism was to attempt the impossible, to try to achieve meaningful national independence, in irelands case uniting both catholics and protestants without breaking free from the binds of capitalism.

” When all is said and done, our purpose is to raise money for local HIV and Aids, Education and service providers , We measure success by the amount of money we raise” – Michael Collins

What im trying to highlight is that no matter what state were in as a country , All it needs is for Leaders to stand up and fight for ths beautiful country we have. Collins stood up for our country when it was needed most and i hope we can find a Present day Collins to sort our economy out.


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