Production Vs Consumption

Week 8 – In this weeks lecture we were introduced to production and consumption. As this module is looking at the concept of sustainability , i found a definition on the web for susatainable production and consumption , It is the use of goods and services that respond to basic needs and brings a better quality of life while minimizing the use of natural resources, toxic materials and emissions of waste and pollution over the lifecycle, so as not to jeopardise the need of future generations. For me personally this involves business’s, governments, communities and households contributing to environmental quality through the efficient use of natural resources and the minimisation of wastes.

The emphasis of sustainable production is on the supply side of the equation, it is on improving environmental performance in key economic sectors such as agriculture,energy,industry,tourism and transport.

Sustainable consumption addresses the demand side looking at how the goods and services required to meet basic needs and improve the quality of life – such as food and health, shelter,clothing etc can be delivered in ways that reduce the burden on the earths carrying capacity.

For me personally i found this topic difficult to understand , i spent hours looking up on this topic but kept coming back to the main definitons of sustainable consumption and production, i believe the best way to understand this topic is to the define them to completely understand them as this is what ive done 🙂 ( this is my personal opinion , maybe you might have a different view )


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