CSR :(

week 9 – My god this week was difficult , i never did business , tend to stay away from it ha! , so it was no surprise that i didnt have a clue what was going on at the start of the week.

I hit me that CSR is about how businesses align their values and behaviour with the expectations and needs of stakeholders,customers,investors,employeesd,suppliers,communities.

CSR demands that businesses manage the economic,social and environmental impacts of their operations to maximise the benefits and minimise the downsides.

Case study- McDonalds CSR efforts-

Mcdonalds are doing great work related to their sustainable supply chain. Within their latest CR report , they featured their newest progressive effort to continuously improve the sustainability of their supply chain. They created a committe called the SLMC ( Sustainable land management commitment). Basically the SLMC requires that,over time, their suppliers will only use agricultrural raw materials for their food and packaging that originate from sustainably-managed land.How they will achieve this vision will evolve over time, their starting with focused and tangible actions across five product categories identified by the world wildlife fund. The five product areas are beef,poultry,coffee,palm oil and Fiber (in their packaging). They are tackling sustainability issues that are upstream,where the greatest impacts are generated. Over time Mcdonalds will begin to see great results.

So fair play Mcdonalds, Hopefully others will follow,

Im Lovin It! ! 🙂


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