Sustainability Metrics and Indices

Week 10-

A week which introduced us into sustainabilty metrics! , now when the term Metrics come my way , i feel like running as its a hard topic on Maths , but i braved it out to understand the meaning of sustainable metrics. SDI (sustainable development indicators)  have the potential to turn the generic concept of sustainability into action. Although they are influenced by different political beliefs about the nature of the good society. SDI processes are underpinned and driven by the increasing need for improved quality and regularly produced information with better spatial and temporal respolution, I found out this from wikipedia.

It is hard and difficult to measure sustainability due to its social and economic impact and the difficulty of choosing indicators.

As we seen in the lecture, by translating the concept of sustainable development into numerical terms which are simple to understand, indicators can be used to raise environmental awareness among the public, as well as to strengthen public support for policy makers.

We were also told that it is important to distinguish indicators form measurements or statistics. Although indicators rely on measurements and statistics as a starting point, comprehensive indicators contain measurements, trends in measurements over time, roles and contributions of various stakeholders and specific targets.


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