the 3 P’s

Public Policy Process- Sustainable development must remedy social iniquities and environmental damage, while maintaining a sound economic base. The problems are that their is no quick fixes or simple solutions, problems may never be solved definitively or contradictory changing requirements. Also Stakeholder shave different views and different inderstanding of problem. Public policy is the sum of government activities that have an influence on the lives of citizens. Public policy decisions determine who get what,why,when and how. They take affect through Laws, Services, Finance , Taxes etc.

Public Policy making can be as complex as the challenges it attempts to resolve. The policy cycle approach is a useful framework to make sense of the policy making. Its imperfect as it masks its complexity.

Perhaps the greatest danger to sustainable development is the tranformation of the process through which public policy is created.

Never the less , sustainable development requires such a system of governance to manage the affairs of individual citizens to insure that social equity and environmental protection are integrated into all economic acitivity.


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