Sustainable communities ! and how to build them

Week 12 – Last blog of a very interesting semester to say the least.

What as a community are we giving to the next generations ? , thats a question we must ask ourselves as our lives go on. Im going to focus on the community aspect , to keep a sustainable communtiy functioning means recognising when it needs new blood , a fresh face. New faces means new topics and ideas. Would you an Eco-village is an example of a sustainable community ? ,yes i believe it is as the whole communtiy strive for a one goal or desire , and new fresh families are joining them in this goal , so i would say this is been sustainable. Their building a community for the future generations.

Sustainability is good business from the social, economic and environmental perspectives. When tied into a communities vision sustainable development can resolve successfully many key issues faceed by communities today. Sustainable community planning and development can provide direction by asking what communities should achieve; by initiating a goal-orientated process of planning and development.

The most important step toward meeting a sustainable community is simply to raise sustainability as an issue. Sustainability should be a goal orientated process. But this can be controversial, According to Professor D.Sterman of the massachusetts institute of technololgy ” it questions the purpose of society and the relationship between humans and nature, and demands social justice and equity”

Although sustainability is controversial is it essential for guiding communites in the future!!


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