Production Vs Consumption

Week 8 – In this weeks lecture we were introduced to production and consumption. As this module is looking at the concept of sustainability , i found a definition on the web for susatainable production and consumption , It is the use of goods and services that respond to basic needs and brings a better quality of life while minimizing the use of natural resources, toxic materials and emissions of waste and pollution over the lifecycle, so as not to jeopardise the need of future generations. For me personally this involves business’s, governments, communities and households contributing to environmental quality through the efficient use of natural resources and the minimisation of wastes.

The emphasis of sustainable production is on the supply side of the equation, it is on improving environmental performance in key economic sectors such as agriculture,energy,industry,tourism and transport.

Sustainable consumption addresses the demand side looking at how the goods and services required to meet basic needs and improve the quality of life – such as food and health, shelter,clothing etc can be delivered in ways that reduce the burden on the earths carrying capacity.

For me personally i found this topic difficult to understand , i spent hours looking up on this topic but kept coming back to the main definitons of sustainable consumption and production, i believe the best way to understand this topic is to the define them to completely understand them as this is what ive done 🙂 ( this is my personal opinion , maybe you might have a different view )

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Irelands Fighting Chance :)

Week 7 for me was one of great interest. Sheila’s Lecture on monday on tax and sustainability was buzzing around in my head all that evening. Us as a class were contemplating the fact that irelands tax system was one of the major factors in the countries downfall. Of course i agree that our tax system did play a huge part. A good tax system is one where your marginal rate of tax is similar to your average tax rate ( and even i know that and i dont know much about business and tax policies). During the talk i noticed that we were all blaming other people for their roles in this mess , eg Tax offenders , But i for one am sick of hearing day in and day out about whos fault it is. Whats done is done !! , we all need to come together and fight to get out of this disaster we find ourselves. Our problem is that we dont have any leaders on this island.

A man that i have no doubt would have rolled up his sleeves and fought to save this country is Michael Collins. In my Personal opinion the greatest leader the country has ever had. You dont need me to introduce this man. His fight for his beloved country was immense.Collins is considered to have created Modern Ireland. His political tragedy in the age of imperialism was to attempt the impossible, to try to achieve meaningful national independence, in irelands case uniting both catholics and protestants without breaking free from the binds of capitalism.

” When all is said and done, our purpose is to raise money for local HIV and Aids, Education and service providers , We measure success by the amount of money we raise” – Michael Collins

What im trying to highlight is that no matter what state were in as a country , All it needs is for Leaders to stand up and fight for ths beautiful country we have. Collins stood up for our country when it was needed most and i hope we can find a Present day Collins to sort our economy out.

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Climate change affects Food production and agriculture

In this Blog im bringing together Climate change from week 5 and how it effects Food production and agriculture which we talked about in week 6.

I am going to talk about the Sahel Region which is located in northern Africa and runs from the atlantic ocean across Africa to the Red sea.In my opinion Probably the most affected region in the world as regards climate change and how it influences the lives of people living there.

Lowering poverty and achieving food security is a major challenge for governments in the region. 40 percent of people in the sahel are food insecure. This is a result of poor soils which are sandy and infertile with a low water capacity , increase in population which leads to overgrazing and overcropping and uneducated farmers that dont know the best types of farming methods for the type of soil present on the land.

The sahel region is vulnerable to climate change because of its location near the sahara desert. The Droughts of 1970’s and 1980’s left a big impact on the region with low food and livestock production many died due to hunger. Yet climate experts and weather models predict that the sahel region will get even drier in the 21st century. Governments  and agencies are tackling and addressing this great problem.  The environment , Food security and poverty is a matter of great emergency with the prospect of climate change.

The Soil Management and CRSP and institutions in Mali,Senegal and Gambia have achieved important results in conserving water in the Sahel. This method is called ‘Ridge Tillage’ and is a valuable method in managing water and capturing rainfall.The increased capture of rainfall has produced important results      

  1. Reduced drought risks to food crops
  2. Increased Yields of crops
  3. Increased drinking water supplies.

” Climate Change poses clear,catastrophic threats.We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly cant afford the risk of inaction”- Rupert Murdoch

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“Crap my Batteries Gone”

From the days of the first mobile phone , there is one niggly thing that can annoy even the most quiet and calm of people including myself. No its not that you have no credit , you could have all the credit in the world but would not be able to use a cent of it if your bloody battery didnt die. With all the new high-tech phones that are out there , Short battery life is still a major problem.

“Renewable Energy” is the buzz word at the moment and in 2009 a Californian Based Company called Solarmer came up with a great little invention. The Solar Cell Phone Battery charger has hit came on the markets. Although I have yet to see anyone I know with this device , im sure it wont be far into the future where everyone will have one.

The charging of your normal cell phone takes electricity and that electricity costs money. It seems that you need to pay your service provider eg Vodafone , Meteor and also the electricity company for using your cell phone!!

As you Can see from this model called the ‘PoP’ from LG the Solar panels are fitted on the back of the phone.

The solar cells gather enough charge in ten minutes of sunlight to provide 2.25 minutes of talk or 180 minutes of standby.This is one of the reasons i believe a solar cell phone is for you. you can charge your sell phone battery outdoors if your sell phone dies.

There are many models of solar charge cell phones on the market including the ‘samsung blue earth’ and the ‘isun’

I made this short blog as just before i wrote this my Battery died and the idea of a solar cell phone came to my mind. Pity a few hundred people beat me to the idea ! ha

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The 3 C’s !!

Climate Change and Conflict , From our wednesday morning lecture we got a great insight on Climate Change. After the lecture i began thinking could climate change cause conflict ? , From the internet and reading books , The answer is Yes.

Reports claim that temperature rises in Africa have coincided with significant increases in the likelihood of war. In 2007, UN secretary General Ban ki-moon described the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region as the world’s first climate change conflict. The crisis was sparked at least in part by a decline in rainfall over the past 30 years just as the regions population doubled.

A quote from an Agricultural economist Marshall burke of the University Of California says that “ We Find that Civil Wars were much more likely to happen in Warmer-than-average years,with one degree celsius warmer temperatures in a given year, associated with a 50 percent higher likelihood of conflict in that year , The implication because average temperatures may warm by at least one degree celsius by 2030 , Climate change could increase the incidences in African Civil war by 55 percent by 2030 and this could result in about 390,000 additional battle deaths if future wars are as deadly as recent wars.

I see where burke is coming from , if temperature rises, crop yields decline and rural incomes fall , and the disadvantaged rural population becomes more likely to take up arms.

The reduction in Rainfall has turned millions of hectares of already marginal semi-desert grazing land into desert. The impact of climate change is considered to be directly related to the to the conflict in Sudan.

An example of conflict due to climate change can also be found in the Arctic. A supreme allied commander for Europe has lately come out and said that Global warming and a race for resources could spark a new Cold  War in the arcitc. Disputes in the north have been dealt with peacefully but climate change could alter this in the coming years as the race of temptation for exploitation of more readily accessible natural resources.

Il leave you with a poem, for me this poem shows the views for most people in the world ,We all want the earth to be kept the way it should be kept but whether we do anything about it is another thing.

” I dont want my children to see the earth die, without fish swim and without birds fly. With no air for breathing, no water to drink,When global conditions will amke the land sink.

I dont want emissions to stay in the air, to fill our lungs and to spread everywhere,to cause global warming, submerging the land, to stop all this mess we should lend a hand.

The nature is dying together with us. we wouldnt exist here but for the green grass, we must prevent nature from saying farewell, in case it is dying, were dying aswel.

To show our children the beauty of life,to help polar bears and pandas survive, to claim to the world that this talk should gain weight, Lets firstly take part in the Global Debate.

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My Blog :)

During the first Few lectures i found it hard to understand why i was in this module ( I said id be honest ) , All this talk about what was going on in the world with regards Climate , Food Wars , Health Etc , i did not really care much about it and did not see how it affected me. By coincidene or maybe faith, on my way home after the third lecture i heard Michael Jackson’s Earth Song on the radio and suddenly it began to hit me as to why we need to take care of our world. 

Michael Jackson Won the Genesis Award for this Song. This award is given each year for animal sensitivity.

 After our lecture on Monday by Mags Liddy, I began to look up information about how Human beings are destroying our environment and Animal welfare. 

In 2008 a Nigerian Writer Quoted ” Earth Song drew the worlds Attention to the degradation and bastardization of the earth as a fall out of various human activites”

As an example, There is the deforestation of the rainforest , more than the size of munster is been been cut down everyday, This is affecting wildlife , habbits are been destroyed , rare animals killed , The jaguar is found in central and southern America and is in the near threatned species Category,r:3,s:0  

and also the Poison Dart Frog is a major indangered Species,r:8,s:0

The rainforest is known as the “Lungs” of the world as due to photosynthesis. Staggeringly, The Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the earths oxygen , need i say more ? , that fact itself says it all !!!.

Another Example of the destrsution to our panet has been due to Climate change. Unfortunatly Climate change didnt just happen , Human being have been affecting it since we first put foot on our planet. I could go on about how Al gore is leading the charge on climate change but i just want to share with you a fact that i read about a few days ago in a magazine i read and quote.

“An ice core about two miles long — the oldest frozen sample ever drilled from the underbelly of Antarctica — shows that at no time in the last 650,000 years have levels of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane been as high as they are today.

The research, published in today’s issue of the journal Science, describes the content of the greenhouse gases within the core and shows that carbon dioxide levels today are 27% higher than they have been in the last 650,000 years and levels of methane, an even more powerful greenhouse gas, are 130% higher

The work provides more evidence that human activity since the Industrial Revolution has significantly altered the planet’s climate system”

Il finish up now by leaving you with this song i found on youtube , I know it seems to be all doom and gloom , but we do have a Beautiful planet , that we all should be proud of 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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